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 Total Divas S6E16 “Total Summerslam”


Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On the Season Finale of Total Divas it was based on Summerslam weekend. The first clip showed Maryse and Mike, as the Mike has a leaf blower and cleaning up there yard, Maryse would want Mike to blow some air at her for her photos.. READ MORE

 RAW : May 15th 2017


Digital | Screen Capture

On Monday Night RAW after the world tours The Miz was facing Dean for the Intercontinental Championship. When it came time for there match Maryse walked with the Miz down to the ring as she stood ring side cheering on her husband. But in the middle of the match Maryse would try and distract the ref so Miz could low blow Dean, but it back fired on him as Dean caught his hand and when the ref was looking Dean kicked the Miz between the legs causing a DQ and Dean keeping the championship.



Digital | Screen Capture

At TLC it was The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match, as Maryse and Miz walked down to the ring, Maryse had a new outfit, it was black with red jewels on it. As the match started and Dolph had the upper hand, as the punches went back and forth, both men had fought there best.... READ MORE

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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this episode of Total Divas, while Maryse and Mike were at a show Maryse’s mom had called to tell her that someone was trying to break into there house. Mike was worried and had no idea what the both of them were saying as they were talking french as he kept asking them what was wrong, Maryse told Mike to look at his phone because someone is trying to get into there house. Once he did they both told Maryse’s mom to call 911, call the police, by the time police got there, they guy had ran.

While Mike was off filming for Marine 5, Maryse was alone. But she called her best friend Eva over to spend the night but when Eva showed up she noticed Maryse had a golf club as they both started to laugh and decided to booby trap the house like Home Alone. Both of them laughing as they put Marbles on the stairs and Maryse forgot about them and tripped on them going up.

Eva decided that the only way for Maryse to feel safe was to try shooting a gun, so she took Maryse to the shooting rang the next day. Eva looked at Maryse and asked her Mike knew that she was taking her to the shooting rang as Maryse answered “Oh heck no” meaning, Miz didn’t know. Maryse and Eva got ready to start shooting as Maryse went first and freaked out but continued to takes shots, she also got a head shot in her first shot.

After everything was done, she face timed the Miz while he was in Canada and told him what she did, and that got herself a gun. He sounded disappointed at first, but then told her that he was talking to the guy on set about how safe a gun is, and he was going to buy her one when he got home, but he was happy that she bought one.

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  maryse maryse

Digital | Screen Captures

Miz Tv kicked off Smackdown, with The Miz’s special guest AJ Styles, as they gave each other compliments, but that later all turned around, when Miz told AJ that he was above AJ’s level, then told AJ that maybe it’s time he made the WWE Title Legendary, as Miz and AJ went face to face ready to fight, it was later ruined by Dean Ambrose, and then ruined by Dolph who told AJ and Miz that they both never win there own matches and that they both cheat, and that Miz hides behind Maryse’s skirt so maybe now he can hide behind AJ’s, which then got Miz mad and giving Dolph a Skull Crushing finale but Dean turned around and gave Miz a Dirty Deeds, but once we thought Dean and Dolph were okay, Dean gave Dolph a Dirty Deeds, only to later be attacked by Luke Harper.

Maryse and Miz was seen backstage as Maryse yelled at Gabriel Iglesias telling him to quite on the set as her husband was getting ready for his match, and asking him who buys a shirt like that, and Miz said probably good will as Gabriel fired back and asked Miz if he got his from Venus, making both Maryse and Miz laugh and then going serious.

It was now time for the Fatal 4 way that Daniel had made with Maryse wearing her new gear with leather pants but Luke Harper was in full charge of the match, with Miz standing in the corner and clapping for him and hoping Harper would side with him, but he didn’t. AJ Styles was at ring side watching the match and trying to see who he’s going to have to face, he was more worried about if Luke Harper wins what he would have to face. Miz had fell at the side of the ring with Maryse checking in on him, but Luke Harper was not done as he attacked Dean, then stalked The Miz while Maryse tried to run. Miz was then eliminated by Dean.

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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this episode of Total Divas we saw Maryse and Eva backstage as Eva wanted Maryse to take her picture, but we also saw Eva and Maryse sit down in Maryse’s spa and talk about how Eva’s career is going and how Eva feels like they don’t want anything to do with her, they also talked about Maryse being in the new Marine 5 Battleground. Maryse told Eva to show up, just to make sure WWE hadn’t forgotten her.

The Divas all sat down for Lunch. Maryse, Lana, Natalya and Renee as they talked about how weird Paige had been acting lately and Natalya had broke the news to everybody that she thinks Paige and Alberto were together. Because at the going away party Natalya threw for Naomi who is going to be filming for a movie in Vancouver with Maryse and The Miz.

Eva showed up backstage as Maryse showed a shocked face asking why she was there, Eva had told Maryse that she listened to her advice and showed up to talk to developmental about her entrance and her career, later on in the night Eva had gotten asked to put on her ring gear and get ready because she was going to have her match.

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Digital | Screen Captures

On Smackdown Live it was announced that Dean would be a guest star on Miz TV, but once it came to Miz TV, Miz would give Dean an award for participating, but that would be ruined by Daniel Bryan. As he made the main event at Smackdown Dean vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

As Miz did not like what Daniel had did, he went into the match with Dean. He was in charge until Dean turned the tables and climbed up the turn buckle getting ready to jump until The Miz climbed only to be pushed back down by Dean, but Dean was later knocked off by Maryse as she jumped down like she didn’t do anything, but James didn’t like that as he came out to the ring to confront the ref and Maryse causing a distraction on the ref and causing Dean to lose his chances at the IC Title.

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Digital | Screen Captures

Backstage it was shown Daniel Bryan being interviewed as Miz would later ruin that interview and tell Daniel that he knew Daniel never liked him, and he wishes it was him in that ring instead of Dolph Ziggler.

At TLC it was The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match, as Maryse and Miz walked down to the ring, Maryse had a new outfit, it was black with red jewels on it. As the match started and Dolph had the upper hand, as the punches went back and forth, both men had fought there best. Dolph had knocked over the ladder and Miz started to hang from where the title was later falling and hurting his knee, but that didn’t stop him as he hopped his way up the later and kicked Dolph between his legs, causing Dolph to fall off the later, which Miz then saw the chance to reach up and grab the belt. After he won, he would call out Daniel Bryan and say the match was for him and that he did it.


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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this weeks episode of Total Divas we got to see more of Maryse and what she was up too. We also got to see her hang out with Eva, but she also got herself into trouble with Mike. As she told everyone that last week when her and The Miz went to the pet store, she wanted to adopt a pet, but he said now. Well she went to the Shelter with Eva to drop off donations that she had. She would later look at a dog, and adopt it. Hoping Mike wouldn’t come home right away she was going to take the Dog on the Red Carpet with Eva, she was later surprised when The Miz did return home earlier then she hoped. As she quickly went to hide the dog and quickly ran him out to the car. After the Red Carpet she would come home with the dog and tell Mike that she had adopted him.

Maryse went to show Mike a house she was going to flip and hoping to sell after she did all she could, she would later break the news to Mike that she had bought the house, and that it was hers and his house now, that they were going to flip. The Miz was disappointed and talked with Maryse at dinner explaining to her how he felt and explained what happened to his parents when they didn’t communicate with each other. Maryse would later tell him that she was sorry and that she guesses the way she was thinking because of how she found her father, and she was just thinking she had to get everything done right away.

At the end of the episode it was shown that Maryse had given Luna to her Sister, and The Miz liked the idea as Maryse’s sister son would battle the Miz talking French and Miz would answer back as they all started to laugh.

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Digital | Screen Captures

On Smackdown Live it was The Miz and Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler and Kalisto. Baron was taking over the match as Dolph knocked the Miz off the ring, which later in the match the fight would take it out to the ring were Dolph would DDT The Miz. Baron would try and come to the Miz’s rescue but run into a super kick from Dolph Ziggler. Kalisto would later run into Baron Corbin, only for Miz to roll him back into the ring and once again Dolph Ziggler super kicking The Miz, Maryse would later help by knocking the later on top of Dolph Ziggler, as Kalisto went for the roll up only for it to be ruined by Baron Corbin with a chair to the back, making Kalisto and Dolph win my DQ.

WINNERS BY DQ : Kalisto & Dolph Ziggler

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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this weeks episode of Total Divas “Orlando Strong” we got to meet Maryse as she appeared backstage, but it seemed like Natalya thought that Maryse was only gonna be staying for Wrestlemania and then go home, but Natalya got a surprise when Maryse showed up backstage at RAW. As Lana and Naomi watched from the back, Lana asked Naomi if she thinks somethings gonna happen, they watch Miz get pushed down by Zack Ryders dad, who later became face to face with Maryse as she slapped him across the face. Maryse would later then say that she’s back, and is ready to take over the Woman’s Division. At the end of the episode it showed what was gonna happen next week, and by the looks of it Maryse and Miz will be discussing about the money she spent on buying a new house. She also was seen discussing about it with Eva.

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Digital | Screen Captures

Backstage Maryse and Miz were doing a photoshoot, but that was later ruined by Daniel Bryan. Daniel would bring up that he’s glad Miz was getting ready, as Miz asked him if he meant getting ready for his celebration because it was Mizgiving. But that was all ruined when Daniel would tell Miz that since Kalisto got ripped off by Baron ruining his chances at winning the Cruiser Weight title and bringing the Cruiser Weight title to Smackdown Live that he would be facing Kalisto for the IC Title, and that match was next.

Miz and Maryse walked down to the ring as Maryse stood at Ringside cheering on her husband, but it was later ruined when Baron interfered in the match causing the Miz to win by giving Kalisto a Skull Crushing Finally and keeping his IC Title. As Miz and Maryse walked up the ramp to celebrate his win, it was later ruined by Dolph kicking him in the face.

Backstage Daniel was seen talking to someone about Dean, but it was ruined by Maryse and Miz as Maryse held an ice pack to his face, Miz started ranting about Dolph and saying how Daniel was on his side, and that Daniel might give Dolph another rematch for the IC Title. Daniel told the Miz that it was true, that Dolph deserved a rematch and that it would happen at TLC.

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Digital | Screen Captures

At Survivor Series it was The Miz vs Sami Zayne for the IC Title. Maryse stood at ringside cheering her husband on, when she noticed Sami put a lock on Miz and thinking he may tap out she walked over to the bell and rung it, making Sami think he won the match, as the ref yelled at Maryse saying he didn’t tap. With the desecration from Maryse Miz rolled Sami up for a pin fall as the ref counted to three and Maryse rung the bell once again and ran over to her husband as they celebrated.

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