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 Total Divas S6E16 “Total Summerslam”


Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On the Season Finale of Total Divas it was based on Summerslam weekend. The first clip showed Maryse and Mike, as the Mike has a leaf blower and cleaning up there yard, Maryse would want Mike to blow some air at her for her photos.. READ MORE

 RAW : June 19th 2017


Digital | Screen Capture

Maryse would make her way down to the ring as she didn’t look pleased after what had happened for the past two weeks, she would get in the ring and Miz would tell her that the Dancing Bears weren’t Dean because he checked them before hand, and that he had her favorite champagne and tried to go for a kiss but Maryse would turn her head and Miz would agree that he deserved that, but that he was also really sorry.. READ MORE

 PPV: Extreme Rules


Digital | Screen Capture

The first night of the night would be the Intercontinental Championship match, as Maryse and Miz would be the first to come out, Maryse would show off her new ring gear as they headed down to the ring to get ready for the match. Miz would try everything to get Dean Disqualified even having Maryse distract the referee while he tried to hit Dean with a chair but that didn’t go right for him as they got back into the ring and began to fight again... READ MORE

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There are currently no signings to meet Maryse! Please stay tuned to see where you can meet her next! - Maryse Central Staff

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Screen Captures

This week on RAW The Miz and Maryse weren’t in the ring, but they were backstage, they were seen watching Cesaro vs Kevin Owens to see who is the #1 contender to face The Miz at Payback for his Intercontinental Championship, once they saw that Cesaro had one the match, they had a mad look on there face.

Maryse was backstage with The Miz as she yelled at the guy bringing The Miz stuff, she had told him that Miz loves M&M’s but not the blue kind, she also said that her husband only drinks deported European water, not domestic as she handed him back the water bottle and told him to go, JoJo later came into his room trying to get questions about what he thought about Cesaro winning the match and coming after his Title, Maryse would later tell her that she is tried of her husbands groupies and that he’s taken by her, which caused Miz to speak up about the match. At the end of the segment after Cesaro said what he wanted to say, The Miz was about to drink the water until Maryse stopped him.

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Screen Captures

Maryse explains that her husband is The Man and why the two of the them are new “it” couple in the WWE.

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Digitals / Screen Captures

This week on Thursday Night Smackdown, Maryse came out to her own music and titantron and had a microphone in hand. She told everyone who she was, following with that everyone should already know that. Continuing with that she is proof that behind every great man is a great woman and went on to introduce her husband and the Intercontinental champion, The Miz.

During the match with Zack Ryder, The Miz was out of it so Maryse takes it upon herself to untie the pad on the turnbuckle and slide it into the ring to distract Ryder. And of course — it worked. Miz poked him in the eye and to top it off, gave him a Skull Crushing Finale for the pinfall. After the three count Maryse got into the ring and raised her husband’s hand victorious.

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So Maryse will be joining the cast of Total Divas next season, she’s been seen filming for the show all week, from the Nail Salon with Eva Marie, to the Golf course and last nights RAW, a couple of the cast members have also been removed like Mandy, Alicia Fox and Rosa, and the three new comers coming next season will be Lana, Renee and Maryse, also Naomi will be back on the show as of next season! We will keep you up to date on any more news we get about it!

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Screen Captures

Backstage, The Miz is stopped after successfully picking up a victory over WWE Universe’s favorite, Zack Ryder with his wife and former Divas champion at his side. He is about to be qustioned about how it feels to be a five time Intercontinental champion but of course he did not give the interviewer any time to get the full question out before The Miz is cutting him off. Immediately gloating about how he is a five time champion and that his beautiful, sexy, two time divas champion of a wife was there to help assist him. He then proceeds saying how he joins the ranks with Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon.. but of course that came to a quick end.

Razor Ramon approaches and tell The Miz that “gold looks good on him”, before asking the new champion to do the bad guy a favor. And that is to face Zack Ryder for a rematch, unless he was scared, earning a look of disgust from Maryse and a scoff from The Miz. It seems the two quickly kick the topic to the curb as Maryse pulls her phone out and begins to take multiple selfies with her husband and the new champion upon his request.

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Digitals / Screen Captures

Maryse returned this week on RAW when Zack’s dad pushed down the Miz, Maryse jumped over the barricade, and confronted the Zack’s dad, she later then slapped him, as she was carried away by security, Miz picked up the win, yelling at Security to let her go, Maryse came back in the ring to celebrate with her husband, and showed everyone that she was back.

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Digitals / Appearances & Events / Screen Captures

Maryse and The Miz attended the 2016 Hall Of Fame awards, along with The Miz’s mom and dad! Check out our Gallery for more photos from Red Carpet, Backstage, and the Red Carpet Screen Captures!

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Appearances & Events

Last night was the Superstars For Hope, Maryse was attending along with The Miz, Alicia Fox, Lillian and Dolph Ziggler and many more, check out our gallery for more!

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So in case no one has found yet, but Maryse will no longer be at Wrestlecon in Dallas,TX. She cancelled her appearance and Wrestlecon had made a post about it over a month ago in case people had missed it, anyone that pre-ordered to meet her, RF refunded your tickets, she is apparently filming a project that week when Wrestlecon will be going on.

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