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 Total Divas S6E16 “Total Summerslam”


Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On the Season Finale of Total Divas it was based on Summerslam weekend. The first clip showed Maryse and Mike, as the Mike has a leaf blower and cleaning up there yard, Maryse would want Mike to blow some air at her for her photos.. READ MORE

 RAW : June 19th 2017


Digital | Screen Capture

Maryse would make her way down to the ring as she didn’t look pleased after what had happened for the past two weeks, she would get in the ring and Miz would tell her that the Dancing Bears weren’t Dean because he checked them before hand, and that he had her favorite champagne and tried to go for a kiss but Maryse would turn her head and Miz would agree that he deserved that, but that he was also really sorry.. READ MORE

 PPV: Extreme Rules


Digital | Screen Capture

The first night of the night would be the Intercontinental Championship match, as Maryse and Miz would be the first to come out, Maryse would show off her new ring gear as they headed down to the ring to get ready for the match. Miz would try everything to get Dean Disqualified even having Maryse distract the referee while he tried to hit Dean with a chair but that didn’t go right for him as they got back into the ring and began to fight again... READ MORE

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There are currently no signings to meet Maryse! Please stay tuned to see where you can meet her next! - Maryse Central Staff

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The A-Lister and his lovely wife describe how they will defeat “Apollo Creed” in both English and French.


Screen Captures

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Digital | Screen Captures

Tuesday Night Smackdown starts off with MizTV, Maryse is standing in the ring greeting everyone with a “Good evening,” in french. She introduced The Miz as she always does, calling him the A-Lister, the sexiest man alive and your Intercontinental champion, she had also told everyone in the arena to stand up and applaud him until they were interrupted by Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler. For a few minutes the two went back and forth with a few snarky comments from Miz which resulted in them telling him to shut up multiple times. Ziggler and Ambrose continue to go back and forth until Dean got a kick to the jaw in which Miz and Maryse were caught cackling in the back before the segment had finally ended. During the commercial break, it showed Miz cutting a promo with Mayse in the back on Apollo Crews, he was calling him “Apollo Creed” until the superstar himself came out and corrected him. Though Miz kept saying “Creed” until Apollo laid Miz out and Maryse scattered out of the ring.

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There’s a new Diva in town!

WWE star Maryse is joining season six of Total Divas! The hit E! show returns this fall and we can expect to see Maryse and her husband The Miz on the upcoming episodes.

During an exclusive interview with E! News and The Miz, Maryse revealed that filming for Total Divas is “going well” but she also revealed that there will “for sure” be some “tension.”

“It’s going well, it’s definitely different than filming for the WWE because obviously it is the behind-the-scenes,” Maryse explained. “People will get to see my life with my husband, my life at home, my life with my animals, my family, how it is on the road and how it is backstage. When it comes to this show it’s the real thing, it’s real life, things that you don’t see online, so it’s going to be fun to see.”

The Miz then gushed, “I think she’s going to be absolutely gorgeous and America’s going to fall in love with her just like I did.”

Maryse couldn’t help but gush back, saying that she “loves” filming the show with her husband.

The couple, who has been married since 2014, will be giving fans an inside look into their relationship on the show.

Total Divas is all about us women backstage and our personal lives,” Maryse said. “Also I got a chance to film with my husband on the show and that’s really fun.”

She continued, “Some couples find it hard to be together all the time but I think we’re a good team and we get along really well. We work together, we do everything together. He always finds a way to make me laugh, he’s the perfect man for me.”

“It’s because I’m the perfect man,” The Miz joked. Aren’t they the cutest?

While we’ll get to see sweet moments of Maryse and The Miz, it sounds like we can also expect to see some Divas drama on the show as well.

When asked if there will be “tension” on the upcoming season, Maryse said “always!”

“Always! For sure, but you’re gonna have to watch the show!” Maryse teased.

Maryse started her wreslting career in 2006, so she has history with some of the ladies including The Bella Twins, which we’ll learn more about on season six.

“Well I started wrestling in 2006, I’ve known Natalia for 10 years. I get along with Eva Marie really well, I think she’s really cool and I get to hang out with her a lot and she’s a lot of fun to be with,” Maryse revealed. “The girls are pretty cool. Besides that I get along with Naomi, all the girls basically they just have very different personalities so it’s really interesting when we get all together because we’re all very, very different.”

We can’t wait to see!

Source : E! Online

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A new Teaser for Isle Of The Dead has been released! It stars Maryse, Joey Lawrence and D.C. Douglas, check it out!!


Screen Captures

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Come meet Maryse and Miz this Thursday at 10am at the Toys R Us at Bay Parkway in Brooklyn, NY!

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Screen Captures

Maryse and Miz were seen backstage with Renee Young, as the Miz welcomed Renee to his 127 world tour of being the IC Champion, as congraulated him, she added that they should take a look at his opponet for Summerslam, he would later change the subject telling Renee that they should take a look at Maryse. Miz told Renee that she is looking at the unmatched perfection of beauty, as Maryse and Miz started climbing on the table with Renee in the middle, she quickly changed the subject again, letting the world take a look at Apollo Crews. After the clips of Apollo they came back to Maryse and Miz both laying on the table, as Renee told The Miz that it seems like Apollo Crews trying to take a run at the IC Championship, as she asked him how he felt about it, Maryse would later reply to Renee saying that no one can beat her husband, as Miz kept complamenting Maryse while they laid on the table, beinging to kiss as Renee told the Camera to go back down to Ring Side.

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WWE Network

The Miz and Maryse were both on this weeks Talking Smack, as Miz told them that the show was called Talking Smack and there isn’t anyone that talks more smack then the current IC Champion, as Renee spoke up saying that Daniel talks a lot of smack, Miz would later say that Daniel was all GMed up, Maryse then told Renee that she had a really nice hair cut, and that she really loved it, Renee thought Maryse was messing with her. Daniel would later ask if they wanted to talk about Apollo Crews and what the Miz thought about him facing him at Summerslam, Miz would later say he would like to talk about the IC Championship and that today was his day 127 of being the Intercontanetal Champion, and started going on a rant about how people were coming out putting Dean on there shoulders, and that no one came out to the ring when he won, and later asked if he could keep going, as Daniel told him he couldn’t, Miz later added that Daniel should be happy that the title is on Smackdown as he told him that he is happy. Maryse later then asked if she could ask a question, as she said that if wasn’t for her husband Daniel wouldn’t of had the great career he did have and that it was because of The Miz, Miz had got off course as Renee said that they needed to focus on Apollo Crews. Miz would later then make fun of his name, and ask what has he done to be rewarded with facing him for the IC Championship, Daniel started listing off some things like the Battle Royal, and that the Miz never won a match on TV, as he told Daniel that he has won, because he is the current IC Champion, they would later fight, as Daniel told Miz that he doesn’t win he just gets DQed and that he barley holds onto it, Daniel would later say that they would have to end Talking Smack, as Miz kept ranting.

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On this episode of WAGS, Maryse was one of the Brides Maids of Barbie as she stood by her side and even helped Barbie get into the car, and then telling her about how it was like in the WWE you would think it would be easy for her to get into the car with a big dress on.

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 maryse_02 maryse_02 maryse_02

The Miz and Maryse were seen backstage at the start of the show, as Miz asked them if this is how they would treat someone famous, he later added on to Daniel that he didn’t even sound excited when he drafted him, Daniel told the Miz that he didn’t care for him, he just wanted the Intercontinental Championship on Smackdown, as he would later add on about a match between Apollo Crews, Kalisto and Baron Corbin

The Miz and Maryse were ringside for the match to see who was going to face the Miz for his Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam, as Miz was being hit with questions like what he thought about Daniel saying he didn’t care about The Miz, he drafted him for the Intercontinental Championship to be on Smackdown.

Apollo Crews had almost pinned Kalisto but he had kicked out. Maryse had then pointed at Baron Corbin laughing because he was pointing to The Miz, Apollo Crews had picked up the win, later then Baron would attack Kalisto, causing Apollo to come in to save him, Miz would later then come in and attack Apollo, and then Barron attacked the Miz laying him out in the middle of the ring, as Maryse yelled from outside of the ring telling Miz to get out of ring.

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Appearances & Events

Maryse and Barbie attend the 2016 MAXIM Hot 100 Party at the Hollywood Palladium.

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