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Maryse Mizanin( born January 21, 1983) is a Canadian professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager, actress, businesswoman and glamour model currently signed to WWE under the ring name Maryse, where she is a former two-time Divas Champion, performing on the Raw brand as the manager of her real-life husband The Miz...
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 Total Divas S7E3 “Breaking All The Rules”


Episode Stills | Screen Captures

The begnning of the show, it showed Maryse and Nia backstage, as Nia asked her if she wanted to play the Penis game, Maryse has no idea what she meant, as Nia would explain that it’s based on a person who says it louder, as Nia started and yelled it out, Maryse would quietly yell it as Nia would laugh and they joked.. READ MORE

 RAW : September 11th 2017


Digital | Screen Capture

On Monday Night RAW, Miz TV would kick off before they would introduce Enzo to the show. Maryse and Miz had an announcement, as they went on saying they wanted to announce it here, were they first met, The Miz would hand the spot light to  Maryse to annouce it as she smiled and told the whole WWE Universe that she was Pregnant with their first child.. READ MORE

 PPV: Great Balls Of Fire


Digital | Screen Capture

At the Great Balls Of Fire PPV, it was said it was gonna be Miz vs Dean Ambrose for a rematch for the Intercontinental Title. Miz was first to come out, with Maryse showing off her new gold gear, and The Miztourage following behind. Later on in the match The Miztourage would interfere once the referee was distracted by Maryse as she was on the ring, but later it would be Curtis Axle who would get the Referee’s attention, that would get Bo Dallas to attack Dean, and when the Referee would turn around, Miz had him ready for a skull crushing finale, hitting it, and causing him to win as Maryse and The Miztourage got in the ring to celebrate with The Miz.

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Smackdown Live Results – October 18th 2016
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Digital | Screen Capture

It was a 6 man tag match, The Miz and Spirit Squad vs Dolph Ziggler and Heath and Rhyno. In the middle of the match while Dolph was in the ring, Maryse was seen tripping him, and not being caught by ref. Miz had waited outside the ring with Maryse, as it looked like she was going to do something to Heath, but Miz turned around and punched him in the face causing one of the Spirit Squad members to get the pin, causing them to win the match, as the celebrated and Heath, Rhyno and Dolph watched them in the middle of the ring.

WINNER BY PINFALL : The Miz and The Spirit Squad

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The Miz puts The Spirit Squad in their place
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The A-Lister stops a Spirit Squad celebration in its tracks.


Smackdown Live Fallout

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“Total Divas” Face the Greatest Force of All: Change
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New season, new divas, no rules! Don’t miss the return of “Total Divas,” Wednesday, November 16 at 8|7c on E!


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Smackdown Live Results – October 11th 2016
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Digital | Screen Capture

Smackdown Live started off with Dolph, but it was later interrupted by The Miz and Maryse for the funeral for the IC Championship. It should a reply from No Mercy and of Miz’s face, when it returned back to them in the ring, Dolph started asking Miz if he was crying there, then asking him if he’s crying now. Dolph was later then attacked by Spirit Squad again, as there match started with Maryse and Miz are ringside. Dolph had beaten the Spirit Squad as Miz ran into the ring and attacked Dolph, not happy with his win. Spirit Squad would later join in and help Miz, as Rhyno and Heath Slater came out to help Dolph.

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No Mercy Results – October 9th 2016
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Digital | Screen Capture

The match started off with the Miz and Maryse coming out, as Maryse stood in front of her husband in the ring as the ring announcer introduced Dolph and The Miz, Maryse watched from outside the ring. As the match went on Miz had the upper hand, almost pinning Dolph for the win, as Maryse took out the spray can, and whatever was in it, and sprayed Dolph in the eyes once again, Miz would hit him with the Skull Crushing Finally, then pinning him, Dolph would later put his foot on the bottom rope, causing a rope break. Maryse was then seen calling someone out, as the Spirit Squad came running out to distract the ref when Dolph had hit Miz. Dolph would later kick them off the ring causing them to fall, they would distract the ref once again as he kicked Maryse and Spirit Squad from ringside. Dolph would hit Miz with the Zig Zag, and going for the pin and picking up the win.

Winner by pinfall and your new IC Champion: Dolph Ziggler. 

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Total Divas Return to E! Wednesday November 16th
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E!, WWE and Bunim-Murray Productions’ Total Divas returns for its fiery sixth season on Wednesday, Nov. 16, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Eva Marie, Naomi (Trinity), Natalya (Nattie) and Paige will continue to give viewers an inside glimpse at the non-stop action of their professional careers and the drama of their everyday lives. In addition, Season 6 will introduce fans to WWE Superstars Lana and Maryse and WWE announcer Renee Young.

This season, emotions are at an all-time high as all of the ladies come face to face with adversity and must grapple with separating their real life dilemmas from their in-ring careers. While rehabilitating an injury, Nikki Bella is determined to learn an entirely new style of performing in order to make a comeback and, against her sister Brie’s wishes, she asks her recently retired brother-in-law Daniel Bryan to coach her. While Brie might not agree with Nikki’s decision to train with Bryan, she is plagued with her own difficult decision of retiring at WrestleMania 32 in order to start a family.

Despite how hard she has worked, Eva Marie is left confused about where she stands in her WWE career when she isn’t scheduled for any television matches following WrestleMania 32. Now she has to cope with the possibility that her once red-hot career in WWE could be fizzling out. Natalya gets a chance to go for the WWE Women’s Championship, but the crowd doesn’t know how to react to her new villain persona after years of being known as the good girl. She has to pull out all the stops to try and save her storyline. While Paige, who is dealing with an injury this season, Eva and Natalya are all going through major challenges with their respective careers, Naomi lands a role in WWE’s newest film, “The Marine 5: Battleground,” where she will star as a biker assassin.

New cast member Lana is in full swing with the planning of her over-the-top circus-themed Malibu wedding to fellow WWE Superstar Rusev, but cultural differences within their families start to cause a rift when it’s discovered that the nuptials will not be held in his native country, Bulgaria. WWE announcer Renee Young joins this season and takes on the role of mediator as she tries to help the group with their issues in and out of the ring, all while juggling her romantic relationship with WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose. Finally, all hell breaks loose when former two-time WWE Divas Champion and wife of WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin, Maryse, makes an unexpected return to WWE after a five-year absence. With all of the women longing to stake their claim as the top contender for the Women’s Championship, Maryse worries that even as a returning veteran she will have to reestablish herself with the fans and in the locker room. She knows in order to be the top woman in WWE, it’s not about being better than you were yesterday; it’s about being the best, period.


Promos & Commercials

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Smackdown Live Results – October 4th 2016
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Digital | Screen Capture

The Miz and Maryse did a Miz TV about Dolph Ziggler, as Miz called him out, saying that this might be his last time on Smackdown Live. Miz told Dolph that this was not about him, it was about Dolph, as they showed a slide show of Dolph from the beginning to his career now.  After it showed the WWE 24, it showed Maryse and Miz laughing, as Dolph called him Assface and that he wasn’t going yet. Dolph had told me that he’s not done yet, Miz spoke back up and told him yes he is, and that after sunday he will be done, and then Miz said that he had a thing to cheer his spirt up, as half of Spirt Squad came out. Maryse and Miz both stood there watching, as they said that he can join them in the unemployed line, as Maryse grabbed the rope from laughing so hard, Spirt Squad would later attack Dolph, Miz enjoying it as he tried to get back into the ring after Dolph started to attack back, as Miz ran back up the ramp to re-group with Maryse, looking back at Dolph.

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Smackdown Live Results – September 27th 2016
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Maryse and Miz came out for the home coming celebration. As Maryse introduced everyone telling everyone that she would like to introduce her husband, as it then went to a clip from when Miz started in WWE till now. As Maryse let Miz know that Dolph Zigglers parents were also in the crowed along with his parents. Miz was hiding behind Maryse as she kept stepping in front of Dolph smiling. As Dolph went off calling Miz a cheater, as Miz snapped and told him that he’s not a cheater, that in the record books it’s gonna say he’s not a cheater and that he’s a champion and that he has a hot wife, a movie star and a million dollar mansion in LA. As miz began to walk away, he stopped and told Dolph’s parents that they must be so proud. Dolph told Miz that if he puts up his title one more time, he will put up his career. Miz would later agree and leave the ring with Maryse.

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Smackdown Live Results – September 20th 2016
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Digital | Screen Captures

Miz and Maryse were seen confronting Daniel about tonight, and about the Intercontinental Title match tonight against Dolph, as Daniel fired back and told him that if he cancelled the match, he would cancel the Miz’s contract, and that it was in the fine print, he then asked The Miz if he had a problem with it, Miz spoke up saying no, and him and Maryse stormed off. The Miz  and Maryse came out getting ready for The Miz’s match, as Maryse showed off her new body suite and looking flawless as ever. As Maryse stood at ringside cheering on her husband. Ziggler had just counter drop kicked The Miz, leaving Maryse in shock, as he went for the three count, as Miz kicked out and Maryse started to bang on the ring, trying to get her husband to get up. Dolph went for the Zig Zag, everyone thinking he had it as he went for the three count, Miz kicking out again, as Maryse went was in shock again, glad that he husband had kicked out. Miz went for the sit up power bomb, hoping he would retain, as he went for the three count, Dolph kicking out. Maryse tried to spray the same thing she did at Backlash, but this time got caught as the Ref kicked her out. Miz would later then pick up her spray, and spray it in Dolph’s eyes, causing him to win.

Winner by Pinfall and still your IC Champion : The Miz

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Smackdown Live Results – September 13th 2016
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While Intercontinental Champion The Miz came out to boast about his Backlash victory over Dolph Ziggler, The Showoff also had some thoughts on his mind.

Still upset that Miz’s wife Maryse cost him the match on Sunday by spraying an unidentified substance in his eyes, Ziggler did not hesitate to suggest that the A-Lister would never gain the WWE Universe’s respect.

While Ziggler proposed a rematch to fix the situation, Maryse chimed in to pronounce that her husband had fulfilled his contractual obligations and there would be no rematch … but Daniel Bryan had something to say about that.

The SmackDown LIVE General Manager suggested that because of the controversial ending to their last encounter, Ziggler indeed deserved a rematch. Miz shot that down immediately, citing his continued desire to renegotiate his contract and claimed he would not defend the Intercontinental Championship until that situation was resolved.

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