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Maryse Mizanin( born January 21, 1983) is a Canadian professional wrestler, professional wrestling manager, actress, businesswoman and glamour model currently signed to WWE under the ring name Maryse, where she is a former two-time Divas Champion, performing on the Raw brand as the manager of her real-life husband The Miz...
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 Total Divas S7E12 “Breaking News 7”


Episode Stills | Screen Captures

To start off Total Divas, it showed Maryse and Mike getting into a car to go some where, as Maryse noticed a bee and so did Mike, he would get out of the car and run to try and get away from it. Maryse would break out in laughter telling him that she didn’t know he was scared of bee’s and he told her that he wasn’t, he just didn’t wanna get stung. Maryse would break out in laughter once again when the bee showed up into the car again and Mike would swear trying to get it out, she would scream and laugh as they finally got rid of the bee.. READ MORE

 RAW : September 11th 2017


Digital | Screen Capture

On Monday Night RAW, Miz TV would kick off before they would introduce Enzo to the show. Maryse and Miz had an announcement, as they went on saying they wanted to announce it here, were they first met, The Miz would hand the spot light to  Maryse to annouce it as she smiled and told the whole WWE Universe that she was Pregnant with their first child.. READ MORE

 PPV: Great Balls Of Fire


Digital | Screen Capture

At the Great Balls Of Fire PPV, it was said it was gonna be Miz vs Dean Ambrose for a rematch for the Intercontinental Title. Miz was first to come out, with Maryse showing off her new gold gear, and The Miztourage following behind. Later on in the match The Miztourage would interfere once the referee was distracted by Maryse as she was on the ring, but later it would be Curtis Axle who would get the Referee’s attention, that would get Bo Dallas to attack Dean, and when the Referee would turn around, Miz had him ready for a skull crushing finale, hitting it, and causing him to win as Maryse and The Miztourage got in the ring to celebrate with The Miz.

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Total Divas S7E12 “Breaking News 7” Results
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

To start off Total Divas, it showed Maryse and Mike getting into a car to go some where, as Maryse noticed a bee and so did Mike, he would get out of the car and run to try and get away from it. Maryse would break out in laughter telling him that she didn’t know he was scared of bee’s and he told her that he wasn’t, he just didn’t wanna get stung. Maryse would break out in laughter once again when the bee showed up into the car again and Mike would swear trying to get it out, she would scream and laugh as they finally got rid of the bee.

Maryse and Mike were driving to go tell his parents that Maryse was pregnant, Maryse explained that she didn’t want his dad to tell anyone and Mike would ask her if she knew who George Mizanin was. Once the arrived to the place Maryse would hug Mike’s dad and ask were his mom was and they would walk into the resturant and sit down. Mike would bring up that he has news for them and that the news stays at the table and doesn’t get out, but his dad would bring up that they have camera’s all around, so why should it matter. Maryse would start to laugh as Mike pulled out his phone and said if they took a look at this video it would explain everything. Mike would hand them his phone and say “Congraulations your gonna be grandparents”. Both Barbara and George would be happy as Mike’s mom got up to go hug the both of them and tell them that she was crying happy tears. George would bring up if they even found a house yet, and they would both answer no, and that they were looking in Vegas, Texas but they haven’t found there forever home yet. Maryse would also bring up that only her mom, them know about her being pregnant and that she wants to tell everyone because it’s exciting, but they haven’t told WWE yet.

Mike and Maryse would drive to a house that Mike wanted Maryse to see in Cleveland but Maryse would think it was a house for them to flip. Once they showed up Maryse would bring up that it was a brand new house and not a flip, but would go in to check it out anyways. The realistate agent would walk them around the house giving informantion about everything. Maryse would admit that it was a nice house but right now she needs to think of what she’s gonna do with her career. Maryse would pull Mike aside and break down explaining to him that he was putting more stuff on her table, and that her schedule was full, and that she was only home for 1 day a month, and that she needs to figure out what she was gonna do with her Career, about the baby, and about moving, and that right now she felt pressured and it was over whelming and that she didn’t know if she felt that way because she was pregnant or not. Mike would try and cheer her up by asking her if she ever changed a diper and she would answer with yes and he would joke saying he never changed one and that when he holds a baby he holds them weird, Maryse would laugh and tell him that he holds pumpkin so he’s fine. He would then hold her close saying he was just trying to cheer her up and that it was a bad joke.

Backstage at RAW, it was time for Maryse and Mike to tell Mark and Vince that she was pregnant. First they would go see Mark and Mark knew right away because of the way Maryse was smiling and she told him she was 11 weeks. He would congratulate both Maryse and Mike for becoming a mother and a father, but that whatever was to happen to Maryse wasn’t in his hands and that they would have to go talk to Vince. Maryse and Mike left Mark’s office as Maryse explained that they both knew Mark for years and she could tell how happy he was for the both of them, but now it was time for them to tell Vince because Mark couldn’t have a say. Once Maryse and Mike talked about it in the hallway they would head to Vince’s office to tell him the news and it would cut when they went into his office and show “1 week later”. Maryse and Mike made there way down to the ring to annouce the pregnancy. As Mike went on and annouce it he would hand it off to Maryse and she would tell the whole universe that she was pregnant. Later Maryse would explain that Vince decided to put her pregnancy as a storyline and that she was the first ever Woman that annouced her pregnancy on WWE.

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Total Divas S7E11 “Let’s Get Naked” Recap
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

The beginning of Total Divas started by Mike, Maryse and Alexa as the all challenged Mike at basket ball. Nia would tell him that she could beat him, scoring and it would go to a quote that Maryse says in the episode.

Maryse and Mike were filming in Cleveland for the recent Christmas scene called “A ChristMIZ Story”. After they finished filming Maryse, Mike and his mom were outisde talking about how busy the Mike’s schedule was busy and that Maryse wouldn’t be able to see him for a bit, because he was be filming for a MTV series then head to RAW, and then head back to film, he would also say that he was going to be in San Dieago, the Whales Vagina, Maryse would laugh and tell his mom that this is what she has to live with.

It had come around the time were Maryse needed to tell Mike something, she would drop a pregnacy test down in front of him, saying Congraulations Dad. Mike would look up at her and ask her if she was sure, Maryse would bring out a bunch of tests she took and laugh as he got up and put his hands on her stomach. Maryse would tell Mike that she was hungry and was craving a grilled cheese, he would begin to talk to there child and head out the door to go get her a grilled cheese.

Mike and Maryse went to see the doctor about the baby, as they did an ultra sound and got to hear the heart beat, Maryse would explain that it made her emotional to hear the heart beat, and that she couldn’t believe that a human was growing inside of her. The doctor would give them the due date which would be April 6th, which then Mike would bring up if they could change the due date because that was Mania weekend, the doctor would tell him that she couldn’t change the due date. Mike would tell Maryse that he wanted to fly out to cleveland and tell his parents in person as it would go to To Be Continued.

Next week we will see Maryse and Mike going into Vince office to tell him that she’s pregnant.

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Total Divas S7E8 “Single In The City” Recap
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this episode of Total Divas, Maryse was seen sitting down for lunch with Nia as the talked back and forth about dating, and that it was tough for Nia to travel places and not be able to settle down because she wouldn’t be able to see that person for a while. That would then give Maryse an idea was she explained to Nia about the Fireman Fantasy Party, and that they could go and hook her up with a Fire Fighter, Nia would laugh and agree only to then change the subject and ask Maryse if she liked Fish, due to she was Vegan, Maryse would say that she didn’t like milk and Nia would ask her if it was because she thought they got slautered to make the milk, but the fact that they didn’t and that they milk the cow from there tits, Maryse would laugh at Nia’s hand gesters and tell her people are probably wondering what the hell they were talking about.

On the way to the party Maryse would bring up that it reminded her of Japan, and Alexa woud add in that they could dress up. Alexa would ask Maryse and Nia to fill her in on what this party was again as Maryse read off what the directions said. Once they showed up they met up with Charly as they made there way into the party, Nia would grab a card from the girl that was hosting the party as she started to bring boys to Nia, Maryse would bring up that she can tell Nia was awkward as they stood at the side watching. After Nia was finished meeting up with men, Maryse, Alexa, Nia and Charly all headed out of the bar and Maryse would bring up that she wanted to host a Sex In The City party, and that her partyes were well known, as they all agreed and went there own way.


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Total Divas S7E7 “Fake It ‘Till You Make It” R...
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this episode of Total Divas Maryse was shown backstage with the R-Truth and Nia as Truth was ironing her cape, but later it would show Maryse heading into catering to the Miz as she sat down in disgust and asking him if he knew how many dead animals he had on his plate right now. Miz would tell her to not bring this up again and that he just loved meat. Maryse would then tell him that he sounded like a sycopath as The Miz continued to eat his chicken wing.

Maryse was seen getting ready to take The Miz to a farm as she hoped that she would be able to turn him in a Vegatarien and not eat meat anymore, they would try fresh green beans and beats as they passed the Animals, Maryse would bring it to the Miz’s attention about how cute they were, and he would explain that he doesn’t wanna say that just so he can say he eats them, Maryse would then jump and tell him that if he tried eating no meat for a week, she would eat some meat, but Miz would change things around because he knows how Maryse was and told her that if she ate the smallest bit of red meat, then he will do the week without meat, as they both shook on it, Maryse would walk another way as Miz would tell her it’s this way.

Maryse would go to dinner with the Miz as they made a bet that if she ate a little bit of red meat, he would try and be vegatarien for a week. At first when the meat tray showed up, Maryse wasn’t gonna do it and chicken out, but once The Miz started rambling about if she would take that bit she could of saved those animals lifes and be Vegatarien, Maryse would then cut a piece off and put it in her mouth leaving Miz in the state of shock as she swallowed it and looked at him he would then tell her that he didn’t think she would actually go through with it because he made sure to make it the redest juicest bloodest meat so she wouldn’t eat it, as she broke out in laughter and told him that he just lost his bet and now would have to try to be Vegatarien.

Maryse would show up with food as she told The Miz that she got him something as he would open the food container thinking it was a burger. Maryse would then ask for a bite as he got confused and asked her if she was messing with him, and she would take a bit and tell him that it was so good, as he gave her a weird look, she would then start to laugh and tell him that it wasn’t meat, but Miz would fight with her telling her that i was meat, and she would tell him that it wasn’t, and that it was tofo and beat juice injected into it so it looked like blood that would be a on a burger, but Miz would agree that it was good as he would continue to eat it. Maryse would tell him that she won and asked him what was he gonna do about it as she ate her watermelon and told him that she was gonna take it to go and that if he had any questions, just hit her up.

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Total Divas S7E4 “The Diva Divide” Recap
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On this episode of Total Divas, it would show Maryse and Mike returning home from Monday Night RAW, where her mom would explain to them that she was happy that they were finally home, and that she was shaking all night because of what had happened. Maryse had asked what happened, as her mom would explain that someone tried to break in again. Maryse would explain to everyone that this was the 3rd time that someone tried to break in, as it showed a flashback clip of there security cameras from the second time there house got broken into. Mike would then bring up that they could take her to the shooting range, and Maryse would explain that she was not taking her 63 year old mother to a gun range, Maryse’s mom would joke around and say that she wishes they would of been around when she was 30, as Mike would joke back she would tell him that he didn’t know her then.

Later on in the episode it would show Maryse and Mike taking her mom to the gun range, as Maryse was behind this whole thing saying that if anything had happened to her mom, she would be the one responsable. Once in the gun range Maryse’s mom would start and shoot as Mike would explain to her to shoot the red area, she would but then later said that she was done because she was tired. Afterwards in the car it showed Maryse’s mom laying down as Maryse would explain that she can’t have her mother gaurd the house because it wasn’t safe anymore, and he can’t expect her at 63 years old to gaurd the house, as Maryse’s mom would speak in French saying she didn’t feel good and Mike would ask what she say only for Maryse to give him a look.

Maryse was seen backstage talking with Renee, when Mike would pull her aside, and ask her if she put the house up for sale because all the news media had gotten a hold of it. He would then tell her that he didn’t want to sell the house and he told her that he didn’t wanna sell it, she would try and explain her side but he would cut in again, only for her to cut him off once more and explain to him that she wanted to have her children there, and she looks at the yard everyday, and thinks that it’s an amazing place and sees the pool and this its amazing, and if she wanted to sell it that bad, then there’s something wrong and the problem was the fact she didn’t feel safe in her own house, due to the break ins.

The last little bit of the episode would show Maryse on the phone with her relator Vicky, telling her that a buyer from the other week wanted to pull full for the house in cash, as Maryse started to freak out and told Vicky to tell Mike what she just told her, Vicky would go on to tell him as he was left in shock. Maryse would then hang up and tell him that she was surprised that someone wanted to buy it up front, as he would agree to it and tell her that they were moving out. Maryse would get excited as they started talking about Vegas and Mike would start to joke that he’s going to gamble all there money and Maryse would yell at him as he left and she would chase him and yell out to him that she’s locking him out and he was answer back that it wasn’t there house anymore so he didn’t care.

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Total Divas S7E3 “Breaking All The Rules” Recap
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

The begnning of the show, it showed Maryse and Nia backstage, as Nia asked her if she wanted to play the Penis game, Maryse has no idea what she meant, as Nia would explain that it’s based on a person who says it louder, as Nia started and yelled it out, Maryse would quietly yell it as Nia would laugh and they joked.

Maryse was seen backstage facetiming Carmella, as she brought up if Carmella wanted to stay the night at her house, Carmella would agree that she wanted to see her house, she was so excited and continued to try to find a good lighting as she joked around with Carmella before she hung up.

Maryse showed up to her house, with balloons as Mike asked her why did she that, and then when the guy was out fixing the gate, Maryse would send the truck that had the bed to the other gate, as Mike would not be impressed asking her where was she planning on putting it outside, as Maryse would explain that she would put it outside, and he told her that he can’t make them sleep outside.

Carmella and Big Cass showed up as Maryse and Mike greeted them, as Mike would bring up that they would be staying, and that Maryse had gotten a custome bed for them, as Carmella thought Maryse asked if she just wanted to see the house and not stay over, as Maryse was excited for them to stay the night, Carmella and Big Cass were not expecting to stay the night at there house.

Mike would ask if they would want a drink, Carmella and Big Cass would agree and talked out what happened, as Mike would ask them what room would they want, as Big Cass would bring up that they wanted to stay at the hotel, Mike would agree that it was too much and that Maryse is too much and that she’s scaring people, as Big Cass and Carmella would break out in laughter and so would Maryse.

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Total Divas S7E2 “Dress Like A Champ” Recap
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

Maryse was seen for photoshoot and with Alexa telling her when they go to Japan that there going to upgrade her wardobe, and that she needed to change how she dressed outside of WWE. As the Miz took off his shirt, Maryse would comment and say he looked hot, as Alexa sarcasticly acted like she was fainting before she went straight face and went upstairs.

Maryse was seen backstage with Alexa and told her that she looked all refreshed, and gave her facial cream to give to her for face, as she would complain about her clothing and that she went to her parents like that, as Alexa would explain to Mark how Maryse wanted her to change style and Mark would agree.

Maryse would ask the driver to turn on the AC and told her that where she was taking Alexa and Nia. They would go to a store and Maryse, would tell her that she loved it, but Nia did not. As she would explain to Alexa that she can tell she was not comfortable.

Maryse was seen walking backstage to Alexa, and that she didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable, and that Alexa can dress up her for trying to dress Alexa up, as Alexa told her that she would take full adventage of that, and Maryse would run the other way jokingly and laugh, asking her what she would do, and Alexa told her that she had her ideas.

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Total Divas S7E1 “This Is Make Or Break” Recap
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

Maryse was seen walking into the building with The Miz, as she explained that they moved to RAW, she was then seen backstage with Nia and Alexa, talking to them about the Womens Money In The Bank, as she explained that she was a two time WWE Divas Champion, and took a few years break, and now she’s back and finds her career so far being successful, and she didn’t like the comments Nia was saying.

Maryse was backstage with Nia and Alexa as Nia told them that she’s stressing then asked Maryse if she’s ever been in a Woman’s Gauntlet match, Maryse took it as a rude comment, as she went off on Nia, telling her that the company was built on respect that she’s been there for 10 years, and that it was really disrespectful for her to even ask her that and ask her what it’s like for her not to be in the Womens Revolution, Nia would walk off and tell her she had to go get ready for her gauntlet match, and Maryse would fire back saying she had five segements that night, she then told Alexa that Nia was the most disrespectful person she’s ever worked with.

Nia was seen backstage watching Maryse, as Alexa asked her if she was good, and Nia would explain yea and that Maryse got heated, as Alexa explaned to her that Maryse took it as Nia rubbing it in her face because she didn’t get that back in the day, Nia would admit that she was in the wrong, and should look up the history of Maryse.

Miz and Maryse were at there house when Maryse was explaning to him what happened backstage between her and Nia, as she explained what happened, The Miz would cheer her up by explaining to her that back when she was a Divas Champion they only got a couple minutes on TV and that she is the revolution, and he would go on telling her that she had to get on the same page, making her smile, then telling her that if someone came and told him that, he would rip them apart, she would tell him that’s it’s whatever and not worth it.

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Total Divas S6E16 “Total Summerslam” – Results
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On the Season Finale of Total Divas it was based on Summerslam weekend. The first clip showed Maryse and Mike, as the Mike has a leaf blower and cleaning up there yard, Maryse would want Mike to blow some air at her for her photos. Later on Maryse would bring up that on Summerslam weekend she wanted to throw a get to together party since half of there friends were split with the draft, Mike would agree and ask if he could get back to work. Maryse would ask Mike if she could use it for a minute and then blew at him as she started to die in laughter.

Backstage Maryse would bring up the idea to Natalya about the party and that she wanted an idea for a theme. Natalya would bring up a prom theme, Maryse would bring it up to Renee and Mike about it. But at first Mike wasn’t to sure about a prom theme party. But later on he would sit down with Maryse and talk about it, he would tell her that he could get her mom to ship out her dress that she wore to prom but when he did Maryse would tell him that she doesn’t want that dress because that was the first prom she got dumped at right before it, which gave Mike the idea of asking Maryse to the prom and agreeing on the idea.

Maryse was seen in her hotel room getting ready, when Mike came in with a present and told her to open it. Maryse would open it to find a dress that was just like her prom dress when she was in high school. She loved the dress as Mike had one more surprise for her and opened a box that had gloves in it shutting it on her fingers, giving both of them a laugh as Maryse tried to reach for them again and he shut the box once more.

At the Prom Maryse and Mike showed up only for Mike to have another surprise for her. He mentioned that for this to feel like a real prom they would need a principal. Shocked Maria knew what he meant as Mike brought out the principal from Save By The Bell. They would all start dancing and enjoying the night before Naomi and Lana challenged each other to a dance battle. After the dance battle it was time to crown the king and queen of the prom. When you thought it was gonna be Jon, they knew something was up when there were only 33 people there and 35 picked Jon. The King and Queen of the prom would be Maryse and Mike as they slow danced and it cut out to Summerslam.

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Total Divas S6E15 “Swimming With The Pigs”
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Episode Stills | Screen Captures

On  this episode of Total Divas, it was based on Maryse and Mike’s honeymoon. Maryse would bring it up to Mike saying that she wanted to go back to the Bahama’s for the honeymoon, since after there wedding they didn’t really get one. She also invited Eva and Jonathan as they didn’t get there honeymoon either.

Once they reached to Exuma, Maryse would bring up that she wanted to swim with the pigs and that she wants it to be romantic, but Mike had a different plan as he brought up his NFL Draft and how he can keep up to date with it.

Maryse, Mike, Eva and Jonathan were at dinner as Mike brought up about spear fishing, and how he couldn’t wait to go, and then began to talk about his Fantasy Football League as it would make Maryse feel upset and awkward. When they returned back Mike was sitting in the kitchen area with his laptop as Maryse came out in a satin house coat and tried to get his attention but he was more worried about his NFL draft, which later got Maryse annoyed as she walked away and he would mention that he didn’t get to see what she had on underneath and she told him that he had to follow her to see, he would tell her that he would be there in a bit.

The next morning Maryse was quite towards him as he would bring it up that by the time he got there she was already asleep and he didn’t want to wake her and asked her if that was nice of him, still not answering him Maryse scrolled through her phone. Eva and Jonathan would come upstairs to meet Maryse and Mike as Maryse told Eva she wasn’t talking to Mike today. They got all ready and went on a boat to go fishing as Maryse would bring up that she didn’t want to go fishing and kill a fish, but would later join in and catch a lobster then throwing back in telling Mike to go back into the water.

The next day came as they all got into a boat and went to go see the pigs as Maryse was in aw about the pigs as they all went on shore and Maryse picked up a pig and held him close couldn’t get enough of them as she would then be a lot more happier with Mike and loved how romantic he was.

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